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If the complaint against your employer cannot be resolved informally, you can raise a formal written grievance, without unreasonable delay, to a manager who is not the subject of the grievance. The reason/s why you are lodging a grievance must be clearly stated. You should: –

  • start by setting out that you would like to lodge a formal grievance
  • set out the circumstances which have led you to write the grievance
  • explain why you consider any processes to be unfair
  • set out the chronology, with particular reference to relevant facts, including dates, times, parties to any discussions and reference to any relevant documentation
  • make reference to how your employer’s actions have affected your health.

Your employer should acknowledge the grievance and carry out any necessary investigations in relation to your complaint to establish the facts of the case.

You will be notified of the grievance meeting without unreasonable delay. You should also be given the opportunity to bring a work colleague or trade union official to the meeting. Such a person is entitled to fully participate at the meeting, providing support to you and putting questions to your employer. The only thing your companion cannot do is answer questions on your behalf.

At the actual meeting, you should be given the opportunity to properly put your case, together with any suggestions you have for resolving it.

After the grievance, is heard, your employer will write and inform you about the outcome as soon as is reasonably practicable. It may be, however, that further investigations arising from the meeting need to be made, and a further grievance meeting may therefore need to be held following this.

If you are not satisfied with the outcome, you should be given the opportunity to appeal. Your employer will arrange a further meeting to discuss your appeal, which should if possible, be heard by a different and more senior manager.

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