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On July 24, 2017

Knights in shining armour or ambulance chasers?

A knight in shining armour is a person who comes to the aid of another in a gallant and chivalrous manner. At the end of the last century, this is how lawyers who fought on behalf of accident victims, were perceived. This was especially so following the Manchester Air Disaster in 1985. A British Airtours flight from Manchester to Corfu was aborted because of an engine failure and resulting fire. Tragically, 55 passengers and crew died. Because of this, major improvements in aircraft safety and evacuation procedures were established, making air travel much safer and claimant lawyers were cast as heroes who stood up for the average person on the street.

Unfortunately, this reputation didn’t stick and somewhere along the line, claimant lawyers morphed from ‘knights in shining armour’ into ‘ambulance chasers’.

The media is quick to talk about the UK’s ‘compensation culture’, a trend the government believes exists. In the early 2000’s the rise of American-style lawsuits and increased health and safety awareness issues went arm in arm with a change in the public’s attitude to risk. It was mainly claimant lawyers, against a backdrop of legal reforms and an oppressive political environment, who were blamed for this culture change.

Part of the bad press came from unscrupulous firms set up specifically to manage a high turnover of compensation claims, and their practice of cold calling to chase business. Legitimate companies such as Simpkins and Co Solicitors have never adopted methods such as this, with most clients coming via referral or recommendation to speak to a solicitor who really cares about each individual.

However, all this should not be taken as exemplifying the work of committed claimant lawyers across the country. The desire to change their clients’ lives for the better is what drives a dedicated claimant lawyer. There is no better accolade than when a client has received their settlement and they express their gratitude for the difference this has made to them.

‘Thank you so much for persevering with this matter on my behalf. Your input and support over the last 2 years have been very much appreciated’. Mr M – personal injury claim.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to offer my huge gratitude for everything that you’ve done for me in regards to my claim’. Mr P – personal injury claim.

‘Again, thank you very much for all your efforts on my behalf and should I require legal assistance at any time in the future, I will certainly contact you.’ Mrs R – clinical negligence claim.

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