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On January 24, 2018

What does APIL (the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) do and what is its accreditation scheme?

APIL has been fighting for the rights of injured people for over 25 years. A not-for-profit campaign organisation, APIL’s member lawyers are dedicated to changing the law, protecting and enhancing access to justice, and improving the services provided for victims of personal injury. Its members are constantly working to promote and develop their expertise in the practise of personal injury law.

An accredited member of APIL will: –

  • Understand that injured people can often be the most vulnerable in society and need help.
  • Reassure victims and act fairly with honesty and integrity.
  • Drive up standards in personal injury law and encourage innovation and efficiency.

All accreditation schemes are not the same. Accreditation has to mean something more than basic competence. Accreditation, properly done, serves an important function, ensuring that the man or woman on the street can select a quality product with confidence. Without accreditation schemes, the injured person has no way of distinguishing good from bad. APIL accreditation allows an injured person to identify the competent lawyer, and to spot the specialist from the generalist. The accreditation focusses on competence and outcomes and must be fully supported with evidence. It requires regular re-accreditation so that it is absolutely current rather than just an historical snapshot. Clients clearly do not want a badging exercise purely to promote lawyers, but an accreditation which adds value. They want a recommendation to a trusted individual with the right skill set who will serve them well. With an APIL accreditation that is exactly what they get.







Steve Simpkins of Simpkins & Co is an accredited member of APIL. He has over 25 years’ of experience in this area of law, successfully handling many personal injury compensation claims, including difficult matters which other solicitors would not take on.

After recent updated advice from the Financial Ombudsman, it’s also worth noting that if you are pursuing a personal injury compensation claim, you can choose your own solicitor rather than the one which your insurance company appoints. You can also transfer your case to another solicitor if you are not happy with the solicitor you originally chose to handle your claim.

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