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On January 19, 2018

Why we’re proud to stand tall in our industry

We are under no illusion that the personal injury claims industry does not come top of the league when it comes to popularity contests, however at Simpkins & Co Solicitors we can hand on heart stand tall and proud when it comes to honesty and integrity.

In a week when data from Ofcom revealed that British consumers were bombarded with 2.2 billion nuisance calls and texts from pensions, PPI and cash for crash claims firms last year we felt it was important to let our clients know that we most certainly don’t condone cold calling, and it is a practice we never use.

Travel body ABTA has also issued figures that demonstrate that around 9.5 million Brits were also contacted by claims management firms in relation to holiday sickness claims, which has resulted in a significant rise in fraudulent and bogus claims.

Principal solicitor Steve Simpkins said “Over the past decade it has been the unscrupulous activities of claims management firms that has given our industry a bad name. So called ‘ambulance chasers’ and now companies chasing consumers over other issues such as holiday illness has led to more people thinking they can make a quick buck out of making spurious claims, with insurers doing everything in their power to fight legitimate as well as false claims.”

The government has already held a review into limiting claims, and the Justice Committee is set to launch a new inquiry into the personal injury small claims limit, investigating the impact of raising the small claims limit to £5,000 for RTA-related whiplash claims and to £2,000 for more general personal injury claims. MPs are also reviewing the financial guidance and claims bill in parliament, which could mean a ban on unsolicited calls in the future.

Steve added, “As a Senior Litigator and practicing member of the Law Society Personal Injury Panel, I have seen at first hand the impact that this poor practice has had on our industry. The saddest thing is that it has made it harder for genuine claimants to get fair recompense, and generally the legal fight for their rights has become protracted. It can take up to 4 or 5 years for a high level personal injury claim to reach conclusion, and often involves barristers and costly court cases.”

Simpkins & Co Solicitors advises anyone wanted to explore their rights to claim to do careful research. Steven added, “Firstly, ask friends and colleagues for any recommendations. If they have personal experience and can recommend a good solicitor whom they trust and have a good rapport, that is a great start. Secondly, check their credentials. Look for specialists, and check they are regulated by the Law Society and Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). This will mean a strict code of conduct is always adhered to.”

If you are considering making a claim, Simpkins & Co offer a free initial consultation at their offices in Highcliffe, Dorset or in central London.

Jacque Aitken from Simpkins & Co said, “The purpose for a free consultation is to assess your claim and to give initial advice. It also gives you the opportunity to see if you think you will gel with our solicitors, as that is an important factor when you are putting your trust in the legal profession. We will also advise on the prospects of your claim and whether it will be taken on a no win, no fee basis. It’s a fact-finding meeting for both parties.”

Contact Simpkins & Co Solicitors on their Freephone number 0800 083 2755 or visit the website www.simpkinsand.co.uk.

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